about Jess

My Highest Values:

Freedom, Flexibility and Connection

About 8 years ago I was waiting tables and booking gigs for my musician boyfriend (now my husband), after quitting a 9-5 graphic design job that was crushing my soul. When Josh and I decided to go on tour full-time and live (essentially) out of a converted minivan, I knew that I had to find work that gave me the freedom & flexibility to work from anywhere. So I launched Jess Parvin Designs, a freelance business that did everything from branding, graphic design, web design & development, marketing, social media and more. If that sounds like too much for one person, it was! But the skills I learned, the clients I worked with, and the mindset that I have cultivated led me to this place, so it all worked out the way it was meant to.

Now I know that I don’t have to do everything for everyone, work 10 hour days, or say “yes” to every project in order to grow my business. I’ve learned how to bring ease and clarity into my work, while growing a business that is more and more in alignment with my ideal lifestyle. I love working with other visionary entrepreneurs, who also feel overwhelmed trying to do all the things, to help them bring ease and clarity into their work and life.

We work together to create and cultivate a holistic vision for your business

that fits your lifestyle, and then identify the action steps needed to bring it alive, grow and nurture it into the vision you have.

My Volunteer Affiliations:

Board Member of Be Well Madison  |  Board Member of Madison Folk Music Society  |  Foster for Underdog Pet Rescue of WI



Sailing, Crafting, Cooking, Reading


Animals (especially fostering rescue dogs!), Travel, Spiritual & Personal Growth


Learn Spanish, Visit Every Continent


Atlanta, GA

Favorite Places

Istanbul, Charleston (SC), Mexico, Italy

Personality Type

Enneagram: 4, Human Design: Manifesting Generator, Meyers-Briggs: INFP

Other Jobs I’ve Had

House Flipper, Waitress, Music Booking Agent, Vintage Clothing Seller, Art Gallery Associate, Photographer & Graphic Designer for High-End Clothing Retailer

I Share my whole long & winding road to entrepreneurship here!

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