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How to Create a Holistic Online Business in 5 Steps

Learn how to create or re-structure your business so that all of the various parts are working in harmony and are in alignment with you and your lifestyle.

This is the framework that took me from a part-time waitress to a full-time freelancer in just a couple months!

A Four Part  Video Series

Holistic, Authentic Branding Strategy

In this 4-part training, we walk through the essential steps for creating a Holistic Brand that is authentic to you, and aligned with your lifestyle and values. I cover the strategic as well as visual/ design aspects involved and the greater “ecosystem” of branding.¬†

Part 1: Who Are You Talking To?

Part 2: Who Are You Being?

Part 3: How Does Strategic Branding Translate Visually?

Part 4: Branding as a Filter

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