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Welcome to Holistic Business Growth, a podcast for visionary service-based online entrepreneurs, including healers, coaches, designers and more.

In these episodes I give you short, practical insights that you can apply to your business as you grow or pivot. Holistic means that all the parts of your business are interconnected, so we focus on many areas including goal-setting, mindset, branding, web design, marketing and more!

Music for the podcast created by my husband, Josh Harty (from the song “Wired” on his album “Holding On”)

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LatesT Episode:

How consistent imperfect action can grow into 2 successful online businesses with “Wellness Witch” Samantha Gladish

Samantha Gladdish is a No BS Business Mentor, Lead Gen & Sales Expert, and Lover of All Things Online Marketing (and Food!). Samantha is the host of The Wellness Witch podcast, which is in the top 4% of podcasts globally. She is also the CEO of holisticwellness.ca – an online business that helps women optimize their health and hormones.

I was really excited to interview Sam and pick her brain about all things marketing, since she has successfully grown not 1, but 2 online businesses, in the wellness and business spaces respectively. It was especially refreshing to hear that her guiding principal has always been to listen to her intuition, and take consistent “imperfect” action, knowing that every step might not be perfect, but overtime it will (and has) lead to huge progress.

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