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Welcome to Holistic Business Growth, a podcast for visionary service-based online entrepreneurs, including healers, coaches, designers and more.

In these episodes I give you short, practical insights that you can apply to your business as you grow or pivot. Holistic means that all the parts of your business are interconnected, so we focus on many areas including goal-setting, mindset, branding, web design, marketing and more!

Music for the podcast created by my husband, Josh Harty (from the song “Wired” on his album “Holding On”)

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LatesT Episode:

Are You Living in Alignment with Your Purpose? 

What’s more important that living your Purpose? 

For the past 6 months, I’ve been studying to be a certified Soul Purpose Coach. This has got me thinking about all things related to our Purpose- how do we find it? How do we make it “real” in the world? How might it change/ evolve? And what holds us back?

In this episode we dive into all things Purpose-related: 

  • Potential barriers to living a life of purpose (ex: conditioning, lack of community, fear/ blocks)
  • How to tell if your current work is not in alignment with your purpose
  • How Human Design gives us insight into our Purpose/ Life Theme, and much more
  • Most people know their purpose but need someone to give them “permission” to live it. 
  • How my own journey has evolved, giving me clues to my Purpose and then expressing it in different ways

So whether you’re still searching for your higher calling, or you are currently building a business that is purpose-driven and soul-aligned, you will find this episode thought provoking and helpful.

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