Join Us! JULY 16  – AUGUST 20, 2024

Soul Brand Strategy

A Transformative 6-week group container for visionary entrepreneurs

You’re someone who isn’t willing to compromise when it comes to living your soul’s purpose.

You want to make a real impact in the world, using your unique gifts & training while creating a life and lifestyle that are in alignment with who you truly are.  This is what drew you to entrepreneurship. But where do you begin building your Soul Brand empire?

it all starts with Branding

Branding is so much more than a logo and color scheme- It’s the lifeblood of your business. It includes messaging, visual elements, your story, positioning, and more! Going through the Soul Brand process has been described as “deeply healing” and “transformative” as it allows us to create the vision of our next evolution and then step into that to manifest our dream business and life.

What does it take to create a truly AUTHENTIC brand?  In this accelerated group container, we’ll walk through the process of uncovering our unique voice, and beginning to translate that into branding elements. 

What we will cover

How to create your unique Soul Brand story
Identifying your Soul Brand Values

Addressing blocks/ shadows that might be holding you back from authentic expression

How your Soul Brand should look, feel and sound (for Visual Branding + Messaging)
Whether to “niche” yourself and your services or not
How to position your Brand to attract your Dream Clients
How pricing is related to Branding
This container is perfect for new soulpreneurs (coaches, creatives, healers, teachers, etc.) as well as seasoned and multi-passionate entrepreneurs who are looking to pivot or re-brand in order to call in more perfectly aligned clients, reach their next level of success, or have more clarity around their business strategy.

In the supportive safe space of this group container, you will gain the clarity, knowledge and confidence needed to build your soul-purpose business.

After this experience, you’ll be prepared to:

  • Build a website (or hire a developer)
  • Hire a branding designer or DIY your visual branding
  • Write branding/ marketing copy with clarity and authenticity
  • Create your next (or first) amazing offering
  • Start a social media campaign or other type of marketing

and much more! 

I’m Jess.

Entrepreneur / Holistic Business Coach / Branding Expert & Designer

As a coach trained in “soul-purpose” life coaching, I help clients connect with their authentic essence, clarify their purpose & vision, and cultivate empowered mindsets. This is the feminine energy that I bring into a session when needed, which balances the more masculine energy of business consulting. In my role as a business coach & consultant, I bring in my 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur, as well as experience helping hundreds of other entrepreneurs through the lens of branding, marketing and web design. I hold space for you, wherever you are on your journey, and provide accountability as needed.


Each week there will be a 90 minute live group coaching call. It will include a mini-teaching as well as group discussion, occasional “hot seat” coaching and Q&A. Some weeks there will be optional “homework” exercises to complete in-between calls. A private Facebook group will also be available for ongoing support, connection with other group members, accountability, and questions for the group.

In this container, I will be your guide and mentor on each call, but there will not be direct 1-on-1 support outside of the call times (unless you choose the VIP option!)

We start Tuesday, July 16 and end August 20

Calls are at 11:00 AM CST until 12:30 CST (unless all group members decide on a different time)

It was really great to blend mindfulness and spirituality, self worth and centeredness with business plans and goals.

That was a new experience for me. It helped me to get a lot of clarity around actions to take and specific measurable results.



Holistic Wellness Practitioner

During my time partnering with Jess, I have become more clear about the next chapter of my business.

She has helped me review and refine my “why” as well as my “how.” I am thankful to have Jess in my corner to support me, challenge me, and celebrate me.



Leadership & Personal Development Coach

“I’m definitely still on this energetic high, riding a wave, from our day

. . . I can assure you that my soul is absolutely twinkling!”



New Coach + entrepreneur

Imagine where you could be a couple months from now

Clear on your vision + next steps for your business
Sure about how your brand should look and feel
Positioned as a guide to lead dream clients who resonate deeply with your story, values, and offerings
Executing a step-by-step plan to launch or grow your business with clarity & ease
In-the-flow with your messaging, creating content from your heart
connected with new soul-aligned business besties who are on a similar journey

FREE Masterclass!

Branding by Design

How to use your Human Design to create a Soul Brand that authentically speaks to your Dream Clients, and allows you to market yourself with ease

LIVE! June 28 @ 11 CST

(recording available)

Ready to birth your soul brand?

Select one of the following options, or contact me with questions!

Group Only

  • 6 x 90-min Group Zoom Calls with Teachings + Recordings
  • Weekly Worksheets, Journaling Prompts or other “Homework”
  • Additional Suggested Resources (Books, Podcasts, etc)
  • Private Telegram and/or Facebook Group for Ongoing Community & Support

$844 pay-in-full

(Let me know if you need payment plan options)

VIP Option

  • 6 x 90-min Group Zoom Calls with Teachings + Recordings
  • Weekly Worksheets, Journaling Prompts or other “Homework”
  • Additional Suggested Resources (Books, Podcasts, etc)
  • Private Telegram and/or Facebook Group for Ongoing Community & Support


  • Human Design Reading for Branding (in-depth document with useful information from your bodygraph chart!)
  • 3 x Private 75 min Coaching Sessions (during or after the group container)
  • Custom Soul Brand Bundle: Includes 2 premium fonts + 4-5 brand colors + collection of 10-15 stock images, graphics, templates chosen just for you

$1844 pay-in-full

(or 2 payments of $944)

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if you have questions, or aren’t sure if this is the container for you, please schedule a no-pressure Clarity Consultation.

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