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As a trained Soul-Purpose Coach, one of the tools I have embraced for myself and my clients is Human Design. If you’re familiar with your own chart, you know the powerful messages and advice that it contains. For clients who are new to HD, I offer introductory 90 minute chart readings (where we can focus on one part of your life, like your work/ business). And for those familiar with HD, I offer holistic coaching packages that help you use your Design to build a business (or career) that is totally aligned with your authentic being.

If you’re curious about coaching, please consider scheduling a free clarity call!

What is ‘Human Design?

Human Design is an amazing tool that combines ancient wisdom like astrology, the chakra system, I-Ching, and more with quantum physics. Each of us has a “unique energetic blueprint” that is represented by our HD chart which is created based on the day and time that you were born. It sounds complicated, but actually it’s VERY intuitive and streamlined. I find it much more accessible than astrology, for example, and in fact we can cover A LOT of ground in one 90 minute session.

For entrepreneurs, I find Human Design particularly useful because it gives us clear guidance and direction to maximise our energy (productivity) and minimize burnout. It also gives you a personal roadmap for how to best make decisions, identify your life’s theme (dharma), access your inate gifts and so much more! If you’re feeling confused or overwhelmed about how to move towards soul-aligned work, or how to build a business that is authentically YOU, this is a game-changer!

Note: For an accurate reading, you will need to know your birth time (within an hour, ideally)

What does a reading include?

Some topics covered:

  • What’s your Energy Type? There are 5, and each one has a very different way of being in the world and different practices for best moving towards success.
  • Your Strategy & Authority: These tools help us know how to take practical action towards living our Design.
  • Your Life Theme: What is the ‘red thread’ connecting all of the seemingly random events in your life? There’s a higher purpose in it all and when we discuss this part of a chart, people frequently have HUGE epiphanies!
  • Your Energy Centers: Each center (like the chakra system) represents a different kind of energy, and you have a unique way that that energy is showing up in your life.
  • Your Manifestation Style: Are you a specific or non-specific manifestor? (and how can you use that information to create more abundance?!)
  • Your Daily Habits: How certain ways of eating, sleeping, exercising, etc. can nurture your body and help you succeed.
  • And more! We try to cover as much as we can in 90 minutes, but if that isn’t enough ongoing coaching is available.


I love how easy the conversation flow with Jess. She was great at explaining different elements of my chart and at the same time give me space to explore how they resonate with my life and past experiences.

It was interesting to see how they were coming into play even before I was aware of them. Jess was able to shared her insights and guide some actionable steps going forward. Thank you!



The session helped me gain perspective on my strengths and weaknesses and understand how to utilize them differently Trusting my gut instinct is what is right for me.



Our session was brilliant. I gained a lot of insight.



HD Coaching Packages

Design-Aligned Branding or Marketing Strategy

1:1 Coaching container that includes a 2 hour Human Design reading + 4 coaching sessions over 1-2 months.

In this short-term coaching container, we’ll create your unique branding or marketing strategy/ plan taking into account who YOU are in your design. We can focus on one of thes:

Branding – For new/ aspiring entrepreneurs. We’ll begin to build the foundation for your design-aligned business by clarifying your BIG WHY plus who your audience is, how to reach them, what your brand values are, your offers, how your brand will look & feel, and more. 

Marketing– For current entrepreneurs who aren’t consistently calling in the high-caliber soul clients that they desire. We’ll create a feel-good marketing plan that takes into account your unique design and begin to implement it. 

From Envisioning to Embodiment

3 month 1:1 Coaching container

CLARIFY the steps needed to get from where you are now, to the Big Vision you have for your life + business, and start to take action. During our sessions, we will address whatever blocks or questions you have, using various tools including Human Design. Towards the end of our work together, you will feel like you are truly embodying the Brand you set out to create, and are on the path to having the thriving soul-purpose, service-based business you desire. The calls will be customized to you, and most importantly we will look to your intuition to lead the way.

This is great for people in transition, aspiring entrepreneurs, or business owners who need substantial support as the uplevel their business/ life and expand their reach. 

Initial Human Design Reading

ONLY $222 for a 90 minute session

For those who are new to Human Design. In this session, we will look at your Human Design chart, and use its wisdom to help you work through a problem or question! You’ll need to send me your birth date, time (as exact as possible) and location ahead of time.

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