Holistic Business + Purpose COaching

You Deserve support. 

If you are starting an online business or trying to up-level your business, you’ve probably felt overwhelmed or confused around what your next steps are. My superpower is holding the Big Vision you have for your business and breaking it down into aligned action steps. Let’s work together to create ease and clarity in your business, and make sure it’s in alignment with, and in support of, your lifestyle.

Get to your goals much faster than DIY-ing everything! When I first started my business, I *wasted* years trying to do everything myself. Now I want to save you that time and energy so you can focus on sharing your gifts with the world. 

What is ‘Holistic’ Business Coaching?

Holistic Business Coaching is a hybrid of intuition-based guidance and action-oriented advice to create (or reimagine) your business as an integral part of your whole life.

My coaching method is actually a blend of Coaching & Consulting. As a coach trained in “soul-purpose” life coaching, I help clients connect with their authentic essence, clarify their purpose & vision, and cultivate empowered mindsets. I have many tools at my disposal that we might use, depending on the situation, including Human Design, Dharma Archetypes, open-ended questions, and more. This is the feminine energy that I bring into a session when needed, which balances the more masculine energy of business consulting. In my role as a consultant, I bring in my 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur, as well as experience helping hundreds of other entrepreneurs through the lens of branding, marketing and web design. Once we are clear on your values and vision, we can begin to create aligned action steps to reach your goals. I hold space for you , wherever you are on your journey, and provide accountability as needed.

How I support Soulpreneurs

examples of coaching sessions:

  • Develop your STORY and begin sharing it with the world, in a way that will most resonate with your ideal clients
  • Align your business to your ideal lifestyle, whether that’s working remotely while traveling the world or having more time to spend with your family
  • Clarify your brand’s values so that you have a roadmap for marketing, writing sales copy, etc
  • Address what is holding you back – like limiting beliefs, perfectionism, people-pleasing and conditioning – and use your own inner wisdom to move past it and take aligned action
  • Identify your Soul’s Purpose and work towards embodying it
  • Merge your multiple passions/ gifts into one cohesive brand that speaks to a clear niche
  • Use your Human Design to see how you can best show up in your business using your innate gifts, decision-making strategy, and energetic blueprint

I understand that every business is different, and your business needs to support your unique lifestlyle. So clients may choose what topics they want to spend more time discussing and receiving feedback & guidance on.

During my time partnering with Jess, I have become more clear about the next chapter of my business.

She has helped me review and refine my “why” as well as my “how.” I am thankful to have Jess in my corner to support me, challenge me, and celebrate me. 



Leadership & Personal Development Coach

It was really great to blend mindfulness and spirituality, self worth and centeredness with business plans and goals.

That was a new experience for me. It helped me to get a lot of clarity around actions to take and specific measurable results.



Holistic Wellness Practitioner

Jess has been nothing short of a Saint to work with.

Jess communicates on whatever platform is convenient for me and makes working with her easy. She is patient when I have a myriad of questions and even more patient when I forget to reply to her.


Ellisa Johnson

E-commerce entrepreneur

I love interviewing past clients on my podcast

Jessica Mele

Multi-passionate new entrepreneur

In our work together we created her new brand by combining her passions & experience in 2 seemingly disparate fields: philanthropy and creative writing. 

Gina Bower

re-creating a more aligned business

After taking a few years off to raise her kids, Gina was re-creating her photography business. We worked together to birth a new brand that is aligned with who she is now.

Toral Livingston-Jha

Seasoned Coach

After building a successful coaching business, Toral was ready to finally step into a brand that feels like “home” and allows her to bring all of herself to the work she does.

Get unstuck and in the flow

Soul Purpose Coaching

Even if you don’t have a business (yet!), I still want to support you to discover and embody your highest self in your work. As a certified Soul-Pupose Coach, I help you identify and express your inner voice, and then give her a microphone!

What do you really want to create in this lifetime?

Purpose is the most important thing there is, and if affects everything- our relationships, our health (and longevity), our work, our impact in the world, and our sense of self-satisfaction. So if you’re feeling disconnected from your Purpose, I invite you to go on a journey of discovery with me. Using tools such as Human Design, Dharma Archetypes, visualization meditations, and more – we’ll uncover your desires and the blocks that might be standing in your way.

Business Coaching Packages


1:1 Coaching container that includes 5 coaching sessions over 1-2 months.

This package is great for entrepreneurs (or aspiring entrepreneurs) who want to focus on a specific area of their business, or short-term guidance while they pivot, create a new offering, or rebrand. Option to incorporate your Human Design chart. 

From Envisioning to Embodiment

3 month 1:1 Coaching container

CLARIFY the steps needed to get from where you are now, to the Big Vision you have for your life + business, and start to take action. During our sessions, we will address whatever blocks or questions you have, using tools such as Human Design, the Chakra system, Dharma Archetypes, and more. Towards the end of our work together, you will feel like you are truly embodying the Brand you set out to create, and are on the path to having the thriving soul-purpose, service-based business you desire. The calls will be customized to you, and most importantly we will look to your intuition to lead the way.

Visionary Entrepreneur

Branding + Website + Coaching

This is the perfect package for entrepreneurs who are starting a new business, or re-branding to take their business to the next level!


  • Initial Holistic Business Consultation (90 mins)
  • Custom Branding Package
  • Custom Website Package
  • 6 x Coaching Calls to help you create clarity around your next steps!
  • Human Design Reading
  • Access to all of my courses

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