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Holistic Branding: Part 1.

WHO are you talking to?

This is THE most important discussion when starting or pivoting a business. Asking “who is my ideal client?” and getting really detailed around that sets the stage for everything: your design assets, website, marketing, social media content, pricing, etc.

Then get clear on what kind of VALUE you are providing that audience and how.

The intersection of who your audience is and who you are = YOUR BRAND.

Holistic Branding: Part 2.

Who are you Being?

The first video talked about how to get really clear on your ideal client/ audience and how to speak directly to them.

The second part of this equation is what you bring to the table. As the book “Building a StoryBrand” explains: You are the “guide” leading the “hero” (your audience) to their perfect outcome.

What are you willing to share about your story that will resonate with your audience? Why are you the ideal person to lead them through this transformation that they are seeking? 

Holistic Branding: Part 3.

How does “strategic branding” translate visually?

In the last 2 videos I talked about Strategic Branding- specifically, The Who, what and why of your business.

Once you get really clear on who you are talking to, what you are providing and why, you will have clarity around how you want people to FEEL when they interact with your brand.

Take that FEELING into everything you create- content, photos, text, website, marketing materials, logo, etc.

If you already have these visual assets (like a website or social media content), take a look at it objectively and ask yourself “Does this evoke a feeling?” Are those feelings in alignment with your brand values?

If not, consider what needs to change: colors, fonts, photos, language?


Holistic Branding: Part 4.

Branding as a Filter

In this final video of the Holistic Branding series, I summarize the strategy that I covered in previous videos. Including:

✨Getting super specific on who your ideal audience/ client is

✨Getting clear on why you are the perfect person to help them achieve their goal

✨defining your brand values and the feeling you want people to have when they interact with your brand

✨how to translate that feeling into brand assets like colors, fonts, copy, etc

And finally I touch on why good branding is the best filter for finding ideal clients and how that can save you tons of time & energy!


Listen to this podcast episode entitled “When to Differentiate YOU from your Brand” for more juicy tips around the topic of Holistic Branding.

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