New Year Holistic Business Envisioning Session - Holistic Business Growth

New Year Holistic Business Envisioning Session


You can use the session for a variety of purposes:
✨Auditing your branding, website & social media and making a plan for how to elevate your look & messaging in 2023.
✨Looking over 2022’s finances, setting financial goals for 2023, and translating those numbers into service offerings & pricing
✨Envisioning your ideal lifestyle (Maybe you’re dying to work and travel! Or you want to work less so you can start a side-hustle?) + figuring out the first steps!
✨Looking at some of the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from goals you’ve had for years, and beginning to pick them apart!

. . . and more! (check out my Coaching page for more ideas)

When you sign up for a session, I will send you a questionnaire so we can start to hone-in on what the best use of our time will be!