You’re creating a heart-centered Brand that is a representation of your purpose and passion. But you’re struggling to clearly articulate your message, create meaningful content, and call in high-caliber dream clients.

In this 1 hour Masterclass, you will learn how to use your unique energetic blueprint (aka Human Design bodygraph) to create Branding that speaks directly to your perfect soul-aligned clients, aligns your messaging with visual elements and brings forth your authentic voice, gifts and energy.

What we will cover

What is Human Design and why is it so powerful when used in the Branding process? 

What is Soul Branding?

How does your HD Energy Type translate into a Brand Archetype?

How your Soul Brand should look and feel (for Visual Branding + Messaging) based on your Energy Type

Using HD to define your audience (“niche”) and how to speak to them

Other elements of your HD chart that can be powerful Branding tools 

and more!

This is a FREE live 1 hour zoom call (recording), with some time at the end for questions and feedback. You do not have to be familiar with Human Design to learn this method and benefit from this Masterclass, but if you want to pull your chart ahead of time you can do so at (or book an in-depth reading with me ahead of time!)

I’m Jess.

Entrepreneur / Holistic Business Coach / Branding Expert & Designer

As a coach trained in “soul-purpose” life coaching, I help clients connect with their authentic essence, clarify their purpose & vision, and cultivate empowered mindsets. Human Design is an amazing tool that I use with all of my clients. It allows us to accelerate the work by getting straight to the heart of their purpose, their gifts, and how their energy naturally manifests in the world. 

In my role as a business coach & consultant, I bring in my 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur, as well as experience helping hundreds of other entrepreneurs through the lens of branding, marketing and web design. I hold space for you, wherever you are on your journey, and provide accountability as needed.

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