Human Design as a Tool for Business Strategy & Personal Development - Holistic Business Growth

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What is Human Design and how can we use it to help us in our businesses and careers?

Human Design is an amazing tool that combines ancient wisdom like astrology, the chakra system, I-Ching, and more with quantum physics. Each of us has a “unique energetic blueprint” that is represented by our HD chart which is created based on the day and time that you were born.

I have been exploring this amazing tool for a few years on my own, and recently have been using it with coaching clients who are looking for guidance as they start or grow a soul-purpose buisness. Mainly, HD is an incredible opportunity for us to look at who we are, inately, without all of the conditioning that has likely taken us away from ourselves. It is my favorite tool for helping us tap into the wisdom of our body, and our own intuition- the most important step in personal or professional growth.

In this episode I talk about the basics of Human Design, how it has impacted me (with lots of examples from my chart), and how I’ve seen it help clients. I also describe most of the key aspects of a Human Design chart, and how they’re useful, such as:

-Energy Types: There are 5 types and each one has a unique way of being in the world. This is very much tied to our work because it gives us insight into how we naturally interact with others, what our main strengths are, and what kind of rest/ replenishment we need.

-Strategy & Authority: These are probably the most important aspects to know because they give us guildelines for making decisions and reaching our highest potential.

-Energy Centers: Cooresponding to the Chakra System, whether your centers are open or “defined” can give you a lot of insight into how much you are affected by other peoples’ auras

-Gates & Channels: The combination of these “gifts” starts to point us towards our greater purpose.

-Incarnation Cross (aka Life Theme): The big picture “red thread” that is connecting us to our highest selves and greater purpose in life.

and more! 

Want to Learn More?

Between now and November 10 I will be offering a special on HD Business Growth sessions: We will look at your chart and I will describe to you the most important aspects of it. We will discuss an issue you’re having in your job/ business and we’ll look to the chart to see what clues it gives us to help you move through it.

Cost: $150 for 90 minutes. Check out my calendar to book your time or contact me with questions (You will need to provide me with your birth date, time of birth, and birth location).