The Holistic Business Plan: Framework for Creating a Successful Online Business - Holistic Business Growth
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Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards creating a holistic vision of your online business. This course is designed for creative people who know that they have something special to offer the world, but need some structure to get started. We’ll follow my Holistic Business Plan framework, which I have used with hundreds of clients to create or grow their online businesses. The main sections are:

Goals & Planning– Get clear on why you’re starting this business, what your financial & lifestyle goals are, how to reach those goals by asking the right questions and sticking to a schedule!

Mindset– This wasn’t a part of my original Holistic Business Plan, but the more clients I work with in my coaching business, the more important I realize that it is. Especially for women, and especially for entrepreneurs. So many of us fall victim to “imposter syndrome” either before we even start our business, or once we start to have even a little bit of success. I created this section to help you start to shift your mindset towards one of abundance and flow.

Branding (aka “the look & feel” of your business)- Whether you’ve already got a logo, plan to design one yourself, or are thinking of hiring a designer, this section will provide all the clarity you need to create the perfect look and feel of your business. We talk about logo & design, but also the other aspects of branding, like language/ tone of voice, who your ideal audience is, and the emotions you want to convey.

Website– This can be a big scary monster for some entrepreneurs. You know you need one, but doing it yourself is super daunting and hiring someone is expensive. Before you make those decisions, though, let’s get clear on why you need a website, who it’s for, and what it needs to provide. We’ll talk about the flow (your sales funnel), design musts and functionality, as well as provide a primer on the different platform options and how your website will integrate with your overall marketing plan. Even if you do end up hiring a designer, this will give them a HUGE advantage as far as getting started goes.

Marketing Basics– This is a huge topic, that can also feel really overwhelming to anyone, especially a new entrepreneur. I’m going to focus on the 3 most important places to start marketing your business: Social Media, SEO, and Email Marketing. We’ll go over the basics of each so that you can confidently start spreading the word about your amazing services/ products!