If ya haven’t heard. . . I launched my Pocast– “Holistic Business Growth with Jess Parvin”! In the first episode I talk about my recent branding photoshoot (with Bobbie Harte) and how I’ve used those photos as a manifestation tool to help me create the business and life that I want. Then I realized that actually, our websites can also be used in a similar way. In fact, when these elements are working really well, they are absolutely helping you manifest your ideal business and life.

If you’re not familiar with manifestation in this context, what I’m talking about is the process of physically making real what we desire in our subconcious mind. This is something that fascinates me and I have been on a deep-dive lately devouring information around manifestation, as well as using many of the tools of manifestation such as visualization, meditation and journaling. In these pracices, I’m usually tapping into my “highest self” – the version of me (and version of my business) that I am striving towards- and then embodying her. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between the reality you create in your mind, and the physical reality you exist in. So we can tell our subconscious mind that we already have what we desire, it will believe us and begin to show us a path to making it “real” in physical form.

There was a big “a ha” moment for me when I was looking through my new branding photos, starting to build my new website. I have a clear vision of my “highest self” and what I’m working towards. . . And now in these photos, I can see her. For me, as a very visual person, this makes the manifestation journey seem much more doable and real. Now that I see her, I just have to be her. This comes into play mainly when I’m making decisions, taking action in my business, or shifting my mindset to be in alignment with the future I’m working on creating.

So the branding photos are an obvious manifestation tool, if done well, because hopefully you are seeing the version of yourself that you are working to create. The trick is to be grateful for the present AND for the future you’re creating, but not to obsess about the past. For many of us (especially women, especially as we age), looking at photos of ourselves can bring up negativity because we don’t see the younger version of ourself that we might be holding onto in our head.

The website then becomes another natural extension of this manifestation process. Without really being conscious of it, I created my own new website with future Jess in mind. This is a site that I know I will grow into in the next few years. So often I talk to clients who want a website that fits the constraints of their business as it is now. . . But what I ask is: “Where do you want to be in a year or two?” Let’s build that site! Because 90% of manifestation is having clarity around what you want and putting it out into the universe. A website is an excellent tool for telling the universe what you want, and that you’re ready to receive it. So if you have a goal of making more money, attracting a specific kind of client or appearing as an expert in a certain field– create your brand and your website to reflect that, and you will make it a reality much faster!

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