What role does Social Media play in your business? - Holistic Business Growth

Lately I have had several conversations with coaching clients, who are new entrepreneurs, and they are *stressed* out because they think that they have to be on social media. And not only that, but their posts have to be “perfect” (no such thing), which generally prevents them from posting at all.

Sound familiar?

Even if you are a regular post-er with no problem jumping in front of the camera, you may feel *icky* about social media, or feel let-down by it. Let’s face it: these are profit-first companies that frequently change their algorithms to make it harder and harder for your followers (much less potential followers) to see your posts. It’s not a reliable way to market your business. . . at least not as your sole strategy.

One thing I’m passionate about, and frequently coach clients through is creating a “feel good” marketing strategy- a plan for how to reach people that feels fun and doable to them, and valuable to their audience/ ideal clients. This may or may not include social media.

As for me, I like playing on Instagram sometimes- I see it as a place to experiment with ideas, connect with people and get feedback, and (perhaps most importantly) push myself past my fears of showing up, being visible, being criticized, being perfect. So it has value for me. . . But it doesn’t bring in a lot of ready-to-work-with-me clients.

How do new clients find me? Generally, it seems to be 1 of these 3 things:

Word of Mouth

It is SO important to reach out to your existing network! Ask for referrals, give your friends/ family/ past clients something to share with their people (like videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, etc). . . Because WoM is the BEST (and easiest) form of marketing.

In Person Meetings

You never know who might become a client. Get really good at talking about what you do (who you work with, how, why) and “making offers” to people when it feels aligned (like offering to have a free consultation, offering to send them some resources you’ve made, etc). Get curious about people wherever you are and remember that “selling” is an act of love- because you have something that can genuinely help them!

SEO (aka Google searches)

My website is chock-full of keywords that people might be searching for, and more-and-more this is becoming the main way people find me (and it’s pretty much totally passive!). The more “niche” your brand & offerings are, the easier it is for the perfect fit people to find you. This is something I include in my website packages, and can also provide coaching around for people who already have a website.

Want to create a Feel-Good Marketing Plan that is also aligned with your Human Design? Or talk about building a stunning website that pays for itself by bringing in new soul clients while you sleep?  Contact me for a free clarity call to discuss coaching + design options, or book a 2 hour Holistic Business Consultation to really dig into this topic!