I am always shocked when I talk to a new client and they tell me that they haven’t raised their prices in 3, 5, even 7 years!! Shocked, yes, but not terribly surprised- this is actually really common with heart-centered entrepreneurs, especially women. So if raising your prices makes you *groan* just thinking about, know you’re not alone!

It feels vulnerable and scary for us to raise our prices, because we might (subconsciously or consciously) equate our self-worth to the value that we provide in our business. Just to be clear- you’re inherently worthy and valuable as a human being, and that has nothing to do with your value as a coach, healer, or other kind of service provider!

Personally, I raise my prices at least once a year, and I generally coach my clients to do the same. This is taking into account a number of factors, including Inflation. Obviously prices for everything else go up (especially this year!) so why wouldn’t your prices? But besides that, you’re always “upleveling” your skills and experience, so the VALUE you provide this year, versus last year, is definitely more.

I have upleveled a lot in the past year, and I wanted to share what that’s looked like, so you can think about your own experiences in these categories:

👉🏽 Education. I completed a 6 month Soul Purpose Coaching certification and now have a ton of new skills and tools under my belt to help clients discover and live their purpose (including deepening my understanding of Human Design!).

👉🏻 Being Coached. I have worked with a couple of amazing coaches this year, which has allowed me to move past some blocks and create even more abundance in my life, This has a direct impact with my own coaching clients.

👉🏽 Personal Development. Everything is really personal development, right? Besides education + coaching, I have worked with various kinds of healers, traveled extensively in 4 new countries and done my own inner work, all of which supports me in my business.

👉🏻 Experience. Every client, every session, every project teaches me something and helps me grow into a more capable coach and designer. So each year brings a deeper level of experience that adds more value to my offerings. I’m sure this is true for you as well!

👉🏻 Branding. It may sound shallow, but the way you portray your brand/ business online (or anywhere else you’re marketing), makes a big difference! When your brand looks high-end, the perceived value is higher and people expect a high-end experience, which costs more. Of course, it’s up to you to deliver on that experience! This year I invested in new branding photos, and redesigned parts of my website to elevate my brand.

All this to say, I will be raising my prices this week for all coaching programs, website + branding packages, and hourly charges for web maintenance clients. If you know that it’s time to increase your pricing, or uplevel your branding/ website so that you can increase your prices, please reach out to me for support. I’d be happy to guide you through the process and hold space for you when/ if you get that *icky* sales-y feeling!