Healing Through Entrepreneurship (and what that looks like) - Holistic Business Growth

This Post is a Podcast Episode too!

As I mentioned in a recent blog post, I was recently in India for 2 months and during that time I was mostly focused on a personal healing journey, which culminated with a 3 week stay at an Ayurvedic “village”. In this podcast episode, I talk about why these weeks were really hard for me, but why they were rewarding. During this time, I started to think about my work differently, and really see the connection between healing and entrepreneurship.

So what does the process of working with a Holistic Business coach to birth a new soul-aligned venture actually look like? Surprisingly, it has very little to do with things like marketing tactics, content creation, quarterly goals, etc. 

The real magic is in the personal healing- because personal growth and business growth are intertwined. 

Typically when I work with coaching clients, there is a healing transformation that takes place, even if our main focus is on growing the business, calling in higher caliber clients, making more money, etc. I think this is because entrepreneurship asks us to look at our shadows and heal un-aligned parts of ourselves. We do this work with the help of several tools-  my favorites for personal and business growth include:

1. Human Design 

A “holistic self-knowledge system” that combines astrology, Kabbalah, Myers-Briggs, I Ching, quantum physics, the chakra system and a load of other stuff in order to generate an “energetic blueprint” called a BodyGraph chart. I generally look at the chart with my client during one of our first sessions, and it gives both of us so much insight into how to move forward to grow/ birth their business.

When people have their chart read it’s often like being truly “Seen” and understood for the first time. 

Together we can unravel the conditioning and trauma (which causes self-doubt, anxiety, limiting beliefs, and SO much more) from who you truly ARE and get profound validation sometimes.

More about my HD offerings here

2. Branding

My first podcast episode ever was about “Branding as a Manifestation Tool”, so it feels like I’ve come full circle at the start of this new season. And it absolutely is a manifestation tool – a way to step into our highest self.

Besides the “fun” part of Branding (picking colors, fonts, etc.) there is a SHADOW side of the process- including what comes up as we work on things like naming our gifts, calling in our dream clients, sharing our magic with the world, etc. There’s healing that happens as we work through those blocks and create a physical manifestation of your highest self- in the form of a website, social media posts, branding photography, etc. 

More about Branding here

If you’re looking for guidance and support as you embark on or continue your (healing) entrepreneurial journey, please reach out to me for a free no-pressure “clarity call” consultation.