Listen to the podcast interview here! 

Jessica Mele is a writer and philanthropic advisor who has just wrapped up 8 years working at the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, and is now launching her new brand – Jessica Mele Creative -which showcases her creative, comedic writing AND her advising services. She’s also about to launch a new solo theater project called “Eat the Mama” (at the same time as moving her family and launching her new business!), which she tells us about.

Jess is also is a recent client who started working with me about 6 months before her planned leave from her previous job (which had a term-limit). Through coaching, and then designing her website, we worked on bringing all of these seemingly disparate parts of her (the writer, comedian, artist, advisor, philanthropist, etc) into her new brand in a way that feels cohesive but super unique. Now in this episode we were able to look back (as well as forward) and discuss her big Transition into entrepreneurship- the ups and the downs!

Some of the highlights of the interview include:

    • How & when she started planning to leaver her wonderful job that had an 8 year term-limit
    • “Coming out” as a creative person and blending her creative work with her “professional” career to launch a business that represents all of her
    • How we worked together and identified the common themes of “storytelling” and “collaboration” in all of the work she does, and built a brand around that
    • The imposter syndrome/ fear that comes up around being an artist, and the importance of making art anyway because personal stories are interesting and inspiring
    • How to merge our “personal” and “professional” life as entrepreneurs- what do we share and not share?
    • Clarifying our values and always coming back to that when making decisions, creating content, starting business relationships, etc.
    • What her version of “The Transition” into entrepreneurship has looked like

And then. . . we get into Astrology!

Listen to the whole conversation for so many nuggets of wisdom – I think you will find it very inspiring, especially if you’re a new entrepreneur, a creative person/ artist, or are going through a period of dramatic transition.

Are you transitioning into Entrepreneurship?

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