How to Simplify and Streamline to Create More Money, Energy, and Time - Holistic Business Growth

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We all want to work less and make more, right?! Working 8 hours day/ 5 days a week is actually pretty crazy when you’re an entrepreneur! You are always on, you are always putting yourself out as the FACE of the brand. You’re always doing ALL the behind the scenes work to keep the wheels moving, in addition to working with clients. This takes much more energy than a traditional job, where you have people to share the workload with, and your individual responsibility is much less.

You want to create more abundance (money, energy, value, etc.) but you don’t want to sacrifice more time (your most precious asset) AND maybe you don’t necessarily want to serve less people, because you’re really passionate about how you can help people.

Often we think that the solution to making more money is to add more on to our plate. Maybe that looks like adding more clients OR creating more service offerings. But this takes up more of your time and energy. So consider what you can take out that might free up more time and energy, and then what you need to do with that extra time to create more money in a streamlined, simplified way.

Here are 6 ways that you can simplify your business right now, to create more abundance of time, energy and money:

1. Passive income streams

What could you create now that would support your existing and future clients? I’ve created courses, for example, with my current clients in mind. Either the courses supplement the work I do as a coach & designer, or they lay the foundation for possibly working with me in the future. In this way, you can serve a much wider audience than you could working with everyone in-person.  The downside is yes, it’s more work upfront, but long term it can really save you a ton of time & energy.  If you’ve been in business a while, I bet you’ve got something you’ve already created, for a client or a conference or something, that you could package and sell right now. Of course, having a website that is set up to handle that is ideal, and integrating it with your sales funnel. 


When was the last time you did that? If you can’t remember, it’s definitely been too long. Also if you’re in the enviable position of having TOO much work. .  . you definitely need to raise your prices. I don’t need to go into this too much, because I’ve talked about it in so many past episodes, but this can actually benefit you AND your clients, plus it can help you call in higher-vibrational, more aligned with you clients. PRICING IS A FILTER.

3. Streamlining your marketing routine

Create batches of content at the beginning of the month and parse it out over several weeks. Or start with one kind of content you really like making- like a podcast episode or a blog post- and then recycle it through different platforms. For me, my marketing “funnel” looks like this: podcast episode > blog post > email newsletter > 2-3 facebook & instagram posts. It’s all coming from the same “source” (the podcast episode) and it doesn’t take me more than a couple hours to create it all at once, and then schedule it out over a few weeks. 

4. Getting rid of what’s not working

Are there any services, products or clients who aren’t aligned with you anymore? You know what I’m talking about. Maybe it’s that service you’ve been offering forever, but whenever someone signs up for it, you feel anxious. Or the client who never really saw your value, and you cringe everytime they email you. Get rid of it. This will free up so much energy and allow you the space to let in something new and better! 

5. Automation

What do you do in your business frequently that you could automate (or offboard to a Virtual Assistant) to save tons of acumulated time? Your website & email marketing platform together can help with this, or products like Honeybook (this is the platform I use for onboarding/ offboarding clients, sending my pricing sheet, quesionnaires, and all client communication!).

6. Leverage your website

Besides using it to host passive income streams and potentially automate some of your processes, how can you leverage your website better? This might involve boosting your SEO (search engine optimization) to get more organic leads, having a really juicy freebie or resources page, or hosting a client portal. If your website is terribly outdated, and not working for you the way it could be, contact me for a free consultation and we’ll discuss your options for a new site!