Taking a Pause in India - Holistic Business Growth

For me, creating a “holistic” business has been driven by the idea that my life and work are intertwined, every aspect of what I do is supporting my evolution – as a coach, an entrepreneur, a human. More and more I realize that to be my best in all of those categories, I need to make my health and wellness the top priority. I don’t support the old-paradigm “hustle” culture that is still so pervasive in the West. . . putting workplace demands, productivity, and profit above everything- including our time, health and emotional needs. 

This is my first time in India, my first time in Asia, and my time here has been such a profound reminder of what’s truly important. Culturally, I’m fascinated by the (mainly) Hindu way of life that incorporates beautiful ritual and prayer into every day. I have witnessed the blessing of cows (decorated in their finest paint, flowers and tumeric), elaborate all-night ceremonies where ordinary people become gods for a few hours, and daily chanting to Shiva, Vishnu or the goddess Kali. I see how centered and present people generally are here, and can’t help but wonder if the frequent pausing for devotion is their secret to wellness.

Another well-known “secret” to wellness here in India is the ancient practice of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is often called the sister science of yoga, but for some reason hasn’t gained widespread popularity in the West like yoga has. For me, it has been a revelation- filling in the gaps in my yoga practice, which mainly focuses on asanas (postures/ movement) and mindfulness (meditation). Ayurveda is a lifestyle and system that gives us an incredible wealth of knowledge about disease, herbs, food, and prevention of illness. It uses holistic treatments that focus on addressing the whole individual and balancing a person’s doshas (energetic constitution), instead of “curing” individual symptoms. 

I spent 3 weeks of my time here in India at an Ayurvedic “village” – an ecologically-focused community that treats people using herbs, food, various therapies, rest, and relaxation in a natural environment. It was not a retreat. . . No yoga classes, swimming pool, elaborate vegan delicacies, or self-help lectures. It was simple: I’d talk to my doctor every day and she would prescribe 1 treatment a day. Otherwise I spent a lot of time on my own, meditating, reading, and walking around the small campus. My only goal each day was to check-in with my body, my emotions, my mind and my spirit and ask myself what I need. I know from a Western perspective this kind of time commitment to stillness probably seems indulgent. . . But when you think about it, isn’t it crazy that we don’t take time like this (frequently) to focus on the most important thing, our health?!

I won’t go into all of the details of the treatments, the food, etc. – but if you’re curious about Ayurveda or panchakarma (detoxification process) please reach out and I’m happy to share more. 

So how do I feel after that 21 day experience? I think I had grand expectations that I would feel like a new person, but (of course) I still feel like me! I still have some ‘issues’ (symptoms) in my body that I have a closer relationship with now, but will need to continue to heal through healthy lifestyle choices. It has deepened my commitment to holistic living, though. I see this showing up in so many ways, from the interconnectedness of my own life and work, to my connection to the Earth and other living beings. I truly believe that when we put energy towards healing ourselves- by nurturing our body, resting, working through emotional blocks, or even quitting a toxic job and building a soul-aligned business- we are contributing to the healing and wellness of the whole planet. 

Now I am wrapping up this season of travel with a week in a quiet little beach town in Goa. By myself, which is not how I usually travel. I am easing back into work, excited by all of the new ideas I’ve had, and will definitely be ready to head home next week. But for now, I’m enjoying the stillness. 

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