Client Feature: Amplify Your Heartpath with Gina Bower - Holistic Business Growth

This is a podcast episode!

On this episode of the podcast, I interview (in person) my friend and recent client, Gina Bower of Amplify Your Heartpath. Gina is a brand photographer, copywriter, and creative collaborator for women creating heart-centered, intuition-led businesses. We have so much in common in the way we approach business and life, so it was a lot of fun to work with Gina to create her new branding and website. During our process of creative collaboration, we both experienced growth in surprising ways that have helped us serve our clients even better. 

Some other topics covered:

*How she built a new business aligned with her personal values, after closing the first version of her business years ago.

*How she allowed herself to take things slow this time, acknowledging the different seasons of her life, and trusting that it’s all perfect.

*Setting boundaries and intentions with clients, and sometimes being flexible, so that both you and the client are clear on expectations.

*The process of helping women open up and be authentic and comfortable during their branding photoshoot 

*Letting go of the “Shoulds” and ideas of perfection to embrace outcomes that are surprising, beautiful and unique- and how this important process is the best part of collaboration.

*How we can all benefit from each other’s vulnerability and putting ourselves out there

Gina and I have perfectly complimentary businesses and similar ways of helping  women entrepreneurs tap into their intution during the process of launching a business, so we are excited about the possibility of collaborating in the future! If you’re inspired by this episode and feel the calling to launch or relaunch your business in a supported, collaborative environment, we’ve got you covered with photography, copy, web design, branding, coaching AND creative collaboration. Get in touch with any questions or to schedule a no-pressure consultation!