Client Feature: Toral Livingston-Jha of TLJ Coaching - Holistic Business Growth
Listen to the podcast interview episode with Toral!

Toral Livingston-Jha is a leadership & personal development coach, mindfulness teacher and coach mentor serving heart-centered change makers. 

Initially, Toral came to me as a business coaching client. She wanted to free up more of her time, streamline her processes and put herself out there more in way that feels good and safe. As we went deeper into the coaching sessions, she shared things around her identity that she rarely shared with new or potential clients, but when she did she noticed the depth and level of trust was so much greater. The deep level of societal conditioning that was causing her to hide parts of herself was something we worked to excavate during coaching. She got clear on WHO she is wanting to serve (people who really resonate with some or all aspects of her identity/ personality), and WHY she wants to do this work with those clients.

So we soon realized that she needed a re-brand and new website- a place where she could show up fully, share her authentic voice and call in her ideal clients.

In the new rebrand, we wanted to make her identity & personality more in the forefront so she can gain that level of trust with people (who resonate with her) before she even meets with them. Color, vibrancy, warmth and joy were some of the values I focused on during the design process. Toral worked with an awesome photographer, Romulo Ueda, to capture those same values, and Toral honed her copy over a couple of months to make sure it spoke clearly to her ideal audience and served her highest values.

In doing this branding work, it has helped her show up differently with clients- she has more comfort and conviction around what she does and why. She’s saying “no” to some work and only taking on work that makes her feel joyful and fits her schedule. And not surprisingly, the exact “ideal client” who she had in mind reached out to her once the website launched! She is now at the end of a 5-year plan that she set up when she started coaching. All of the goals she created are coming to fruition- a beautiful example of the power of intention!

More topics we touch on in the podcast episode:

  • Healing from burnout (working in the non-profit and private sectors) and how that informed the way she approached entrepreneurship.
  • Doing the “personal growth” work so that we can show up fully for our clients, and create more abundance for ourselves and everyone around us.
  • How mindfulness is woven into every aspect of her work. If we can get to know our own mind, our habits, etc. we can recognize how they are getting in the way of us reaching our goals and then choose to change.
  • Growing a business intentionally and steadily, always recalibrating if it feels out of alignment with our highest values.
  • Pricing revelations she’s had around the value she’s providing, the space she’s holding for clients, the importance of the “in between” time with coaching clients, and more.
  • Automation work we did that made a HUGE difference in how her time is spent.
Check out Toral’s beautiful new websit here! And if you are looking for someone to partner with as you explore creating an authentic, soul-aligned brand, contact me for a free clarity call!