How to create Holistic Business Goals and Stick to them in 2022 - Holistic Business Growth

This post is also a podcast episode! 

Happy New Year! And greetings from Playa del Carmen, Mexico. For the second year, I am living in this beautiful place for the winter. . . A goal that I set a few years ago and have made a reality!

Speaking of goals– how are your NY’s resolutions coming? This year, like last year, feels really heavy, right? A lot of people I know aren’t setting resolutions or even looking ahead with any kind of optimism or excitement. But regardless of what is happening in the world, this time of year is always a great opportunity to do 2 things: 1. Have gratitude for the past year and 2. Create a vision for the next year.

Starting with gratitude is essential. I am so grateful that I have created the freedom & flexibility in my business to be able to take off the whole month of December, and then to live here in Mexico for a few months. What are you grateful for? Last year was crazy and unpredictable, but I bet there are some things that you created and/or were given to you from the universe this year that you can be grateful for.

Letting go of the outcome is also essential when setting goals. “This or something better” is a common mantra, but we never know what is truly best for us, and we have to trust that things work out the way they are meant to.

Last month I led a 2-day “mini-mastermind” around creating an abundant & aligned vision of 2022. Because to have a “holistic” business, it must be aligned with our lifestyle. After that live event, I created a mini-course on Goal-Setting & Planning that you can do at your own pace! Check it out here.

Here are some of. the key aspects of goal-setting that I cover in the course:

1. Visualization

You may think you know what you want to create this year, but I find that tapping into our subconscious through visualization is imperative to getting really clear on what we actually want. The mini-course includes a downloadable audio visualization exercise that you can go back to over and over again throughout the year.

2. Creating goals 

What’s coming up? What tangible goals can you write down from visualizing your ideal life a year from now? What steps do you need to take to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be?

3. Identify what is holding you back

This is tough, but so important. As you are creating these goals, you are going to have negative thoughts pop up, telling you that you can’t do X or have Y. That voice is necessary to listen to and understand. We all have limiting beliefs that we must overcome in order to create our best future, and likely the same beliefs show up over and over again in different ways. Working through these is something I cover in the mini-course, and work through with coaching clients in more depth.

Some of the most common categories of limiting beliefs include:

Money, Boundaries, Systems (technology), and Time

These are topics that I work with clients on often, especially when they are trying to set and acheive goals in their business.

If any of these things are coming up as blocks/ barriers to you reaching your goals, it can be immensely helpful to work with a coach who will help to shift things AND provide accountability and support. 

For more about how these things might be holding you back, listen to this podcast episdode!