My Entrepreneurial Journey - Holistic Business Growth

This post is also a podcast episode!

This is a podcast episode that has been in the back of my mind for a while. It was a little bit challenging to record! If you haven’t reflected back on your “journey”, I highly suggest creating a voice memo or writing down all of the steps you’ve taken on the path to get to where you are. Because wherever you are, it’s perfect. And I am so grateful for the long, windy, sometimes unsure path that lead me here today.

In the episode, I basically breeze through the last 40 years, sharing the highs and lows of my journey to becoming an entrepreneur, and then how my business has changed and evolved in the past few years. 

Currently I am reading the book “The Artist’s Way” and doing the exercises to re-connect with my inner artist. This portal has caused me to reflect on some of my own limiting beliefs, specifically around making a living as a creative person/ artist. Then in the recording of this podcast, I was able to draw paralells between those limiting beliefs and some of the choices I made in college and beyond. 

I also break down the three parts of Holistic Branding that I consider essential for each entrepreneur to explore:

1. Strategy

(getting clear on your audience, your offerings, your brand voice, etc.)

2. Implementation

(designing branding elements, creating content, etc)

3. Embodiment

The embodiment piece is significant for this episode, because I believe that we all have a story, or at least parts of our story, that are relevant and valuable to incorporate into our brand.

Who is your ideal audience and what parts of your story would most resonate with them? How can you authentically and safely share your story publicly?

For me, it looks like creating this podcast episode, as well as social media posts and newsletters. For you, it might look different, but we all have so much wisdom to share, and vulnerability is the key to authenticity and connection. . . the basis of a good life, a good business, and good (holistic) marketing! 

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